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Advertise with Us

As a small business, we provide a very personal service at a reasonable cost.  You have direct contact with a real human being, which is very unusual nowadays!  With all of the options below, we have an advertisement that suits both you and your budget.

The way our site works is quite simple.

Your business will be listed alphabetically on the index page e.g. Norfolka2z would be on index page N under Businesses.

It would also be listed on the category pages relevant to your business e.g. Norfolka2z is a Web Design Business so would be listed on index page W, Link: Web Design, also on index page A, Link: Advertising, so too it could be on index page D, Link: Domain Registration, etc, etc

If there are no Link pages for the categories you want for your business, it is simple, we just add them at no cost to yourselves.

Updates to any advertisement are normally completed within two working days.

As an individual, I do normally have annual leave, so on the odd occasion I will be sunning myself and unable to do the updates immediately.  All emails would be responded to promptly, so if I am by chance on leave, you would still get a response, even if I cannot actually do something immediately.


Direct Link
Short write up on index pages, with a link to your own Website - Annual cost 25.00
Link Page
Half page of information including up to three photographs.  Ideal for giving enough information to browsers to whet their appetites to visit your Website.  Includes link to your Website - Annual cost 55.00
Full Page
A4 size advertisement of information, including up to 15 small photographs.  Ideal for those who do not have their own Website.  This option gives you enough room to have a really good internet presence without the cost and maintenance of your own Website.  Annual cost 90.00
Web Site
Your own Website, price includes Domain Name, Hosting and Up to Three pages.  Also includes a Direct Link as detailed above and small updates throughout the year.  Annual cost 110.00
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