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Blakeney village in Norfolk, England, UK.

Blakeney Church, North Norfolk, UK

Now a wonderful peaceful coastal village famous for itís harbour situated on the North Norfolk coast it has a history of international trading, piracy and social history that is equalled by few places at home or abroad.

Blakeney, North Norfolk, UK

This beautiful part of the coast has so much to offer the birdwatcher, naturalist, artist and walker all year round. You can walk beside the long channel which connects Blakeney to the sea and look at the small boats an yachts, which come in. The sea lavender in bloom is a breathtaking sight.

Blakeney, North Norfolk, UKWe know little of its earliest days, but in 1086 at the time of the Domesday Book there was a mill here and it was then known as Esnuterle. It is believed that later it became known as Snitterley. The name Blakeney first appeared in an official document in 1340. During the reign of Henry III, John de Blakeney was given the Manor of Blakeney in recognition of his services to the fishing trade.

Blakeney was once an extremely busy port dealing in the export of mainly corn and wool and of course they once had a large Oyster industry, laying and harvesting Mussels and digging of Lugworms a particularly back breaking task.

Blakeney, North Norfolk, UKMariners Hill is thought to be man made to be used either as a vantagepoint or for defence, a theory corroborated by the discovery of cannon balls during an excavation in the 1950s.

Blakeney, North Norfolk, UK

Blakeney Point is a nature reserve, home to the common and grey seal. It is also a bird sanctuary with a wealth of bird life including Terns, Oyster Catchers, Plovers and Redshank.

You can take a boat trip from Blakeney Quay out to see the wildlife in all their magnificence or even to stay at the point. This is a must for any visitor.

Blakeney Guildhall has the remains of a 14th century basement to a merchantís house which was most likely used for storage.

St. Nicholas Church stands on a hilltop 100 feet above the sea. The slim tower of the chancel used to have a beacon to guide sea travellers.

There are several amenities on offer, lots of antique shops, shops, restaurants and pubs to visit. You are guaranteed an enjoyable time no matter what your age or interests.

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