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Roughton village in Norfolk, England, UK.

Roughton is a small village a few miles inland from Cromer on the main road to Norwich.

It is an age-old home of man and on the Heath you can find prehistoric burial mounds. On the rising ground you will find the church with a 1000-year-old tower.

The church is mainly Saxon with some Tudor battlements and adorning the walls of the nave is a gallery of sixteen weird sculptures including a toad, a lion, a dragon and a man pulling a face.

A genius found sanctuary here in a wooden hut on Roughton Heath in September 1933, his name was Professor Albert Einstein, famous for his Theory of Relativity. He told a local reporter ĎAll I want is peace, and could I have found a more peaceful retreat than here in England?í Sometimes he would walk over the Heath to do some shopping at Roughton Post Office.

One of Einsteinsís callers in Norfolk was sculptor Jacob Epstein who began a bust of Einstein in one of the huts. There is a peaceful pond where you can fish during the season and it is very popular. Please visit the Roughton web site for more information:

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