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Spixworth village in Norfolk, England, UK.

The village of Spixworth in Norfolk UK is much as it has been for centuries, the centre of the old village was of course the church, with the beautiful Georgian rectory beside it.

Spixworth derives from the Anglo-Saxon the first part is obscure, but "worth" signifies a small settlement.

At the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Spixworth had a mill, so maybe cereal crops were grown in some quantity or the mill was used by the surrounding area. It could have been a watermill, as there is small river at the edge of the village, but was more likely a treadmill.

From the time of King John until the time of Wars of the Roses (over two hundred years), the land was held by the Bardolfe family for over two hundred years and their contribution to Spixworth, is the church of St Peter.

It is a small community well worth a visit and a number of signposted footpaths allow todays' residents and visitors to enjoy the scenery.

Visit the Churches of St Faiths, Spixworth and Crostwick Web Site.

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